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E-Dukan On Rent Is An Innovative Brand In The E-Commerce Sector By Maisha Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Maisha Infotech Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that specializes in software and app development. It is DIPP Certified under the Government of India Programme and is also registered under the STARTUP INDIA concept of the Government of India. Maisha Infotech also won the Delhi Icon Award for Excellence In Software Research & Development.

Maisha Infotech is your one-stop destination for web development, web, and mobile apps development services. One of our main goals is to maintain customer satisfaction and provide quality services, without any compromise in our standard of work. We provide a range of services including web development, website designing, custom website design, e-commerce online solutions, and so on, for clients all over the world. E-Dukan On Rent is also an innovation of Maisha Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Vision Behind E-Dukan On Rent

Two years ago, nobody would have thought that the world would transform like this, that we would be living in such conditions, and call it the new normal. The pandemic was and still is tremendously grueling. It not only impacted us physically but mentally and financially too. The lockdown, which was initially expected to last for about a month, has now become an annual event. We already had to witness a second lockdown during the second wave of covid, and now the possibility of the third lockdown is looming over our heads, with the arrival of the omicron variant in our country. This lockdown situation has proved to be disastrous to a majority of the people all over the globe. People lost their jobs, many businesses got shut, people lost their sources of income, and were even struggling to get essential items from the stores, due to the fear of the virus.

Indian economy, which was already struggling due to various reasons was now falling into deeper pits due to the effects of this pandemic. To tackle this situation the government has been working on new plans and schemes to help people aid recovery. One of the schemes that caught everyone’s eye, was the Aatmanirbhar Bharat scheme. This Aatmanirbhar Bharat was a beautifully crafted scheme that highlighted the need for promoting 'Make in India' projects.

Through this many MSME companies were able to get a platform to reform themselves and get back on track. But since this pandemic shifted everything online, it gave businesses a chance to explore more opportunities on the online platforms and look for one more source of income. One such venture is the 'E-Dukan on rent'. This project not only aims to get small businesses an opportunity to start earning through online platforms but also shields them from the worries of future lockdowns and curfews. If the lockdown has closed your shops down, reduced your sales, left you with no customers and no money. Then don't worry, just turn your Dukan into E-Dukan. This platform takes your Dukan online and helps you grow beyond boundaries. E-Dukan on rent is here with a range of ready-to-use e-commerce online store solutions, where it lets you start your business online by connecting you to an AI platform and opening a doorway for you to connect with new customers. This project is the brainchild of Mr. Gaurav Rai, who thought of this innovative venture to help promote the “vocal for local” narrative, just after the first lockdown was imposed. Mr. Gaurav Rai (Maisha infotech Pvt LTD) has been awarded the excellence in software research and development award by radio City 91.1 FM in its Delhi city icon 2020 Event.
Indian youth is filled with immense potential and is waiting for just a little nudge from us, and Mr. Gaurav strongly believes that this is a platform that will enhance the opportunity for people to express their creative ideas and earn a name for themselves and thus make their country proud. E-Dukan on rent allows you to open your E-Dukan in just 4 easy steps. All you have to do is name your E-Dukan, enter your business and its category, select your theme and sign up. Just like that, you have stepped into the new reality of business. You can enjoy various services by working on E-Dukan on rent, you can create unlimited E-Dukan web pages and product catalogues, you can get your own UPI payment gateway attached, and require no previous coding experience or any technical knowledge. You also receive a user-friendly CRM panel with multiple privileges to handle your E-Dukan seamlessly. E-Dukan provides access for admin, warehouse, and vendor with its multiple account system to run through all kinds of modern devices seamlessly and gives you regular updates that are free to download. The built-in latest version of the Codeigniter PHP framework along with dedicated developer support is made available at all times. As India is a very diverse country in terms of its language and culture, E-Dukan on rent support 72 different languages and lets you create a chain of sub-stores managed by an easy-to-use central dashboard. E-Dukan on rent aids you with simplified and automated end-to-end order management with advanced inbuilt tools. To make your work easy and manage your business in an organized way, E-Dukan on rent helps you with almost everything you need. Be it with coding or be it shipping to international carriers, they’ve got you covered.

Our Mission as E-Dukan on Rent

edukan on rent mission

Our mission is to eradicate the fear of low sales, the ever-increasing cost of business, and reduced business reach among people. With E-Dukan On Rent, we aim to bring a revolution in the world of e-commerce. We aim to provide a platform that enables you to control your business at your fingertips and run it just the way you want to, with our unceasing support. So what are you waiting for now? Buckle up and take your Dukan online with E-Dukan On Rent.


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